First Toe is IN!

Beginning a blog has been a laborious task for me. It shouldn’t be, they make it as simple as possible these days but I’m about as technology savvy as a salmon. It has taken me three days to decide on the font… I’m still using the first font used on the options page and as I never upload photos onto my computer, my page is resembling a white, unused handkerchief (do people under the age of 60 even use handkerchiefs these days?).

So here it is, my new entry about my new entry. Very exciting stuff. It will get better than this, I promise. (Actually thinking about it, I shouldn’t make such talent affirming promises as my writing could be baby droppings to your eyes and you read no further than this). To those who are reading this next sentence, thank you. I will endeavour to contribute more insightful musings… I might say something about something that means something. I doubt it but I’m forever trying.


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