I think a lot about thinking

I think about ships sinking but not as much as thinking

I think about how I should think

How one thought to another to another might link

I think ofthe ups and how they come down

How a smile can often be hiding a frown.

I think about the moon

And how, in the Winter it gets dark so soon

I think why do I think what I think when I think

Why I love green yet my bed spread is pink

Thinking is hard but how can this be?

Mostly my thoughts are just focused on me

I’m done with thinking, it’s too much hard work

I can honestly say I’ve found not one perk

I’ll shut my eyes and I’ll count to ten

Demanding myself to not think again

I got to four

There’s a knock at the door

I think it’s the man from the grocery store

I’ll have to postpone my not thinking

The End.

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