Today the sun has been bright, a treasured occurrence in London at this time of year. Excitement always flutters through me on days like these, the masculine force of nature seeps into my pours, energising my dampened core. I vibrate and recharge in the sun, basking in the power of those healing and empowering rays. There’s something incredible about the sparks of action, the inspiration the sun ignites inside. The moon has captured my attention the past few months, exploring the Yin and the relationship between my cycles and those of the moon. Nights have been long during the winter months, my focus has been introverted, an inner exploration of the universe within. Now daylight encroaches evening hours and drawn out sunsets illuminate the winding down of the natural world. The flush of pastel colours decorates our concrete streets with cherry blossom and magnolia trees as the petals bloom, leaving behind the safe haven of the bud. Inner explorations are rotating outward.

It’s incredible, the relationship we re-establish with nature once we become present and notice the continuous entanglement with all life. Mother earth welcomes us as beauty shows up everywhere, a gift that we have returned. She offers infinite splendour within each moment and all she expects of us is to wake up and notice.

True love, a healthy love nourishes and allows growth. Love embraces the changes, the shedding of old skins, the cycles of each life, showing no discrimination. There is no need to smother or demonstrate. The delicate flower grows defiantly with the light, the water and the minerals in the soil. No instruction booklet is required, just trusting the unlimited source of nourishment, trusting she’ll blossom in her own way. The simplicity lives in trusting her natural cycle.

How can I nourish myself more? How can I nourish others? These questions seem important right now. Sometimes love can make you feel the need to fix, or change the damaging perceptions people around us may have about themselves. It’s not our job to fix; it’s our job to nourish each other, whenever and however we can.

Nourishing ourselves is the biggest step. Stepping our whole being into the abundant pool of love, not just dipping our toe in every now and again.

I know this is no easy task yet nature engages so effortlessly in this natural flow of existence. No questions, no disputes, the oak tree makes no apologies for growing taller than the rose bush and the rose bush never doubts her beauty or represses her delicious scent. Perfection lives in the differences.

I’m sat in my garden as I write this in my notebook; the white page reflects the beaming sun causing my eyes to strain. It’s not such an easy task writing on white paper under the midday sun, my squinting eyes attempting to focus. It’s too bright. The shadow of the blossom tree offers much needed shade and so I perch myself under the lush branches. I can see again. As I sit in the shade, the bees hum, dancing between the lavender and bluebells. The birds sing as they glide from one rooftop to another. Truly, in this moment, I have everything I need – heaven surrounds me as I watch beneath the shadows in the garden.

Darkness is everywhere. Above us, below us, outside and within. Within those pockets of painful scars you’ve been hiding, hoping they would disappear of their own accord, to bleed through the stitches and fall someplace irretrievably distant. On those dark days when old scars flare, I dream of days like today. Of blinding sunlight, when the light is so bright it pierces through the glass window and lightens the darkened furniture. Yet during those sun-powered days, it’s the shadow that beckons, offering a place to recoup, to open our eyes in a space that won’t blind us. To reflect on our surroundings, watching the rhythm of life, knowing that the beat of our heart syncs with all. Our blood can boil in the heat of the sun; our skin can burn without protection. We need the shadow in order to cool off; the shadow brings us back to equilibrium.

Nature always has a way to lead us back into the arms of love, if we allow it. It’s ok to feel the pain, to cry through the dark clouds of discomfort, the land needs our tears, that’s when growth happens. Really, there is no ‘bad’ or ‘good’, there’s just what is, what we’re feeling in that moment. It could be the sunlight, the strong and defiant yang energy that fuels our movements, or it could be a search for the shade, to contract and let the shadow rise above us, sheltering us to recuperate. How we find balance in our daily lives is mainly out of our control. Nature has that shit down to a fine art so best not to fight it, let the great mother work her magic. Once we feel what we truly need to feel, that’s when our body gets all the nourishment it needs, enough to see again and head back out into the light.


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