In My Head

in my head

This is how you exist in my head…

Your brain’s made of rubber and body of lead.

You steal all the dogs and the cats and the mice

To fry them all up and then dish out with rice.

You never say sorry or thank you or please

You squash all the spiders, the wasps and the bees.

Your face is all sour, you’re grumpy all day

You once had a friend but you gave him away.

If you do something wrong, you never feel bad

You make the men cry and all women feel sad.

But that’s all made up as the truth is this…

Each thought of you I feel nothing but bliss.

Your smile, your laugh, from my life they have gone

I hear that you’re happy, your life has moved on.

So I’ve made it all up that you’re evil and cruel

How could I love such a beast, such a ghoul?

I’m one on my own, not part of a two

To break free from love, it’s the hardest to do.


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