Mothers Coat

A girl

Nuzzling into her mothers velvet coat

Catching her tears

As they darken the purple fibres


Never to greet the lines of her smile

Erased before salt waters

Nourish hungry pores

A girl


For yellow grass on timeless lands

To weave an emerald blanket

Enticing rainbows

And spirited pilgrims

Who’ll loan their ears

To listen

A girl

Wishing her feet to swell

Grounding as choreographed storms

Dance hand in hers to sweep across the empty floor

Forceful swirls captivate unwillingly

A girl


As imposed words are stitched upon her tongue

Good girl

Nice girl

Syrup oozing from the rope burns

Angels who’ve hounded her pleasant ways


For veracity to bellow freely from her skeletal cave

Snapping threads

And carving stories

Her stories

A girl

Nuzzling into her mothers velvet coat

Inhaling familiarity

And buried truths

Of generations before her

Pulsating through her veins

Liquid addictions

And mercury fillings

Tolerating the rotten saliva moistening repression

And all the while

Roots plagued with hereditary decay

A girl

Playing woman

Her limbs alluring wandering eyes


Like diamond stars guiding the hungry miner


His brow sweating above hers

Her skin coated in brine

And cloudy resin tightly sealing her lips

Well done

You play woman so well

A girl

Nuzzling into her mothers velvet coat

Catching her tears

Until all life has bled from her ducts

And remnants of rose perfume

Muffles the punches


And again

And again


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