Today was different

Most mornings the north wind would catch my tail

Reining enthusiasm

If ever it surfaced

Frost biting my red lips

Would carve tender valleys

And tiresome yawns would induce morning contractions

Pains encouraged by existence

I was heading places mostly undesired

But there was safety in the familiar

Most mornings

Short burst of breath kept me from melting

Melting into the ocean where undiscovered depths were calling

Begging almost

To have me settle amongst ancient bones


Buried under the cold sands of icy waters

Most mornings

Callous layers

As I shed

Would trail behind the morning sun

By dusk

I was bound

Tangled between damaged threads

For the moon would do her best

To unravel

To rebirth

To encourage unwanted fragments

Absorbing her enchantments

Braiding together my left to right

But my flesh was worn

And I was stubborn

Muscles aged

Devoured over the years

Digested before they even existed

Yet below noticed horizons

Homed a spirit I’d thrown to the lions

To be ripped


But entangled claws drew to me a fierceness I’d yet to witness

Until today

Hungry palms clasped the steering wheel

Locked limbs

Dismantled patterns of escape

Sparks of severed obligations

Disappeared under wheels in motion

And my hair

Sensing hidden mists

Rising wildly to ignite dampened curls

Freely rode the wind

As my limbs relaxed

And ruling boundaries

Were broken

I was new

My palms grazed upon lush possibilities

I was hungry no more

Purged from me was the need

To know

For I knew nothing

And today

Resurrected curiosities

Met the very edges of my wonderment

Today I drove

Guided by sirens once stifled


Nowhere I knew

And I was free to bury myself below sacred waters

Amongst the bones

My bones

Today I was free





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