I’ve fucked you over

So many times

Denting you

I’ve pierced deeply with hateful remarks

Unrealistic comparisons

I’ve dissected you, leaving scraps to feed the wolves

I’ve abused you

Carrying out acts

To leave you weary of life

And love

As I’ve shown you non

You’ve supported me

Asking for little in return other than acknowledgement

I couldn’t even give you that

I’ve spent hours polishing you

Parading you around

Yet behind closed doors

I’ve beat you

For not being enough

Not being the trophy I held so vividly in my imaginings

I’ve cursed you for being you

For being mine

My body

I’m sorry

You took my shit for so long

And when you spoke out

I numbed you with chemicals

I forced your silence with frustrated fists

Starved you completely from the nourishment you deserve

And now my heart bleeds

As I feel you break

How I can fix you?

Please, let me know.

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