Fuse back


There are broken days

When I don’t work so well

Nothing around me lights up

The moon is only a sphere behind polluted clouds

And the stars

Well they’ve buggered off to light up some bright young things universe

I look at my feet and I curse the miles they’ve travelled

‘You didn’t take me far enough!’

And my cuticles are bitten red raw

But hey, healed skin would give me nothing to pick or complain about

Then there are days when I make the decision to fuse myself back

Because it is a decision I have to make

When I pray to lost entries, extinct chapters, or so I had wished when I tore them from me

Come home, I plea

Because without you I forget what it means to love

I ripped from me pleasure when I feared the pain

Come back to me, please

I can’t be great without you

I want all the tears and frustration and angry spells

Sounds crazy, I know

But only then do I have the power to light up again



And my feet are happy as my strides are less hesitant

And my cuticles are happy because they’re not bleeding

And I love

On those days when I fuse back

I love so much it hurts

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