I don’t want to do anything today

Maybe just stare at a tree

And savour the nothing of everything

Or savour the wholeness of me


But what if I don’t feel whole

As I stare at the tree and just be

How do I feel whole all by myself?

When I need more than me, I need ‘we’


But is that true as I don’t feel alone

And when was ‘we’ all I knew?

Because I honestly know me better

Than I knew the workings of you


So now I’m knowing me more

And ‘we’ is no longer my all

I can feel whole all by myself

And puff my own cushion to comfort my fall.


So I am glad I did little today

That I stared at the tree, just to be

These thoughts they ease my chaos

And strengthen my faith in the wholeness of me


2 thoughts on “Whole

  1. I love your poem! thank you for sharing it!
    When the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in me was replaced with the tree of life, the Living One, the Christ, alive forever more, I was set FREE and now I recognize Christ within and without and it is pure JOY! I love the tree of life that connect heaven and earth in us!


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