#1 Gratitude is the attitude!


Gratitude is addictive… like the most delicious cup of creamy coffee yet without any heart palpitations or needing the loo 20 minutes after! I have been documenting daily gratitudes on my instagram account for the past 60 odd days and it.is.magic! I wanted to do the 365 project but, well technology had other ideas and for the past three days my personal instagram account keeps crashing (thankfully not my writing account, which is weird as I’m using the same phone… I’m taking it as a sign!). Today I made the decision to delete my personal feed, I’ve been posting for the past 7 or so years so it’s time to retire and let go.

So I’m transferring my daily gratitudes over to here, to keep that momentum of ‘Thank Yous!’ rolling like pockets of air picking up all the good stuff and dumping it right in my path. The harder you search the more you find and I’m discovering that sharing my gratitude seems to heighten grateful intentions, meaning more energy is invested, meaning more grateful pills swallowed, meaning appreciation filling more pores… basically gratitude becoming my attitude.

When you’ve let fear run your life for as long as I have, finding things/thoughts/people/obstacles/fixed n’ broken ideas/tears/pain/dreams to be grateful for is the most natural way to help soften the ‘lets-find-things-to-be-scared-of’ voice that has chatted away for too long now. Everyday I am making conscious decisions to bring more love into my life, to appreciate my wholeness and power as a human. Gratitude is the warming, healing tonic I’ve been craving without even knowing it and I wanna ingest as much of that medicine as I can – well until my belly gets comfortably full anyway.

My gratitude post of the day is this… making this switch and lightening my social media weight, because it can get heavy. Minimal living, it’s a life saver :).

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