#4 Grateful for Silent Knowings


There are days when all you need is for your cat to come into your room and sit on your work and purr until you stroke her and then get comfortable and not move for 20 minutes, not even when you leave to room to make a cup of tea. That day was today (every day really).

Animals are the best. They just know things, lots of things. Everything.

I have a dog and a cat and what I love about the relationship I have with each is the silent knowings we share. I’ve pretty much perfected the art of understanding my hound by the tilt of his head or his stare (there are many different stares wanting very different things). My cat reads my body language like no-one else. She knows when I’m about to get up from the chair before I’ve even made the decision to move. If I’m feeling a little low or weepy, she’s there like a flash, rubbing her head against my hand (then a little bite if she gets over excited).

I’ve been spending lots of time with the both of them recently and to be honest, speaking without words can feel more comfortable than human chat, less seems to be lost in translation and the response is truthful and immediate. Basically, if I don’t give them attention when they want it, no peace for me. When they’ve had enough of my affection, they go do their thing. No worries, no obligations. That’s what I love, no pretence, no bullshit conversation, no saying one thing but meaning another. Animals are the best and I am grateful for their presence every single day.

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