#6 Grateful for Grip!


Ok, so a little bit random but today I picked up a glass of water and thought ‘shit, how cool is it that I can hold stuff!’

And it really is!

How amazing is it that we can move stuff, touch things, pick things up and carry them around. We can hold something in our hands for hours, should we wish to carry whatever it is we’re holding for that amount of time.

We don’t think about it because we don’t need to I guess, it’s a given that the grip on our fingers and palms is strong enough to hold whatever it is we need/wish to hold (unless it’s super heavy.. or maybe you’re bionic and have super holding powers!). We can paint, draw, sculpt, write, build railways and planes and construct buildings – creating towns and cities. Seriously, theres a miracle happening everyday, each time we pick something up.

Man, I love my hands. They’re incredible. That is all.

Happy hand day to you.


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