A little bit of Everything


Nothings fixed

My toes wiggle

My breasts jiggle

If I sway my hips

From left to right

One of life’s delights

Is to ebb and flow

And no thought will stay

As laughter delays

The onslaught of crap

I give myself

For not fixing

Or medically mixing

To balance each second

With pleasure and pain

Counteracting the main

To numb

Splitting two from one


When I feel, I feel

The rawness is real

And I’m moody

And fear

Sits comfortably at the wheel

Until love appeals

To my court of soul

And I relinquish control

Morphing again

As nothing is fixed

And I pull out my hair

As I hatefully stare

In the mirror

Face to face

Boiling distaste

As one second I’m rotten

But the next it’s forgotten

And I smile

For the all while

I’m a little bit of everything

All rolled into human


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