#17 Grateful for BLAH days

Yep, as a writer, my words have been boring me, I am boring me.

I’m writing stuff that when I read back I think ‘Borrinnnggggg… I don’t want to read this, so I can bet my socks that others won’t want to read it either.’ I am feeling in-between. In-between what? I do not know, I guess that’s the lingering mystery of life, we’re always in-between something but where we’re headed, who knows.

Some days I don’t feel in-between, I feel very accomplished or satisfied or even when I have days of pure hell, it’s feeling something. In-between is like a walk in the mist, not sure which direction you want to take but you don’t want to stay put, who knows what may be lurking behind the bush!

So I went for a walk and boy, does nature sure know how to soothe. No matter the problem, nature goes… ‘stop, watch me instead’.


And watch I did. I watched and smiled and realised that who cares if I find myself boring, I might find myself the most boring person in the world but someone out there will find me less boring than I find myself. ‘Blah’ days happen.

Take the forest for instance, there are days I go for a walk and things look the same as the day before. Sure, it’s beautiful no matter the weather but when I go say three days in row, I notice less than if I go once a week. Today was my first walk in the forest for over a month! The change was immeasurable.


The sun was low, the grass was delicately frosted, trees were almost bare and birds were perched on icy waters. There was nothing ‘blah’ about it. The animals may have felt a little ‘blah’ because they gotta survive the winter, everyday they live amongst the violent beauty of this ever-changing landscape. So to them, it’s ‘blah’ because they’re in it, they’r breathing it, they’re habitually living inside the means of what is familiar to them.

So I skimmed my ‘blah’ across the frozen waters, leaving behind ideas that have stagnated from stamping over and over in the same spot. Ok, so I still feel a little boring in my writing endeavours but I know that will pass, I know that for a fact because if a blade of frosty grass can capture my attention than I’ve no doubt I’ll find something about me inspiring soon. We are, after all, beauty in the making, all of us. Nature is who we are and if we can find beauty and brilliance within our surroundings then we can absolutely find it within ourselves.

YES to BLAH days, they make me appreciate the inspiration when it comes.

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