The Firefly and The Girl

A girl sat on her porch waiting for the storm with a firefly resting upon the tip of the her nose.

The firefly was hoping for refuge as she sensed how violent the storm might be so she beat her wings upon the girls skin.

The girl did not understand for her language was not the same, her nose twitched impulsively, intriguing the firefly.

The firefly beat her wings again, only this aggravated the girl and she swiped at the curious creature.

How confusing this was for the firefly, what had she done to cause such direct rejection?

Determined to understand, the firefly returned with more fire in her belly.

Too bright was the firefly to be ignored, the girl softened her gaze upon the tip of her nose.

The firefly, humming faintly, beat her wings.

Ticklish by nature, the girl laughed.

Spurred by the girls joy, the firefly danced.

Needs to understand were forgotten.

The storm blew in and violent it was.

The girl and the firefly watched together, sheltered by the porch.

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