A girl, fast asleep

As staining stars sweep

Across the moonlit sky so bright

In darkened hours

Bleeds rosy powers

As her mother and father continue to fight

Distantly dreaming

New life she is scheming

So different from hers in someway

The banks of the lake

Where candy drops fake

The landscape she dreams so often to stay

A snake of pink

Invites her to think

Asking the girl of her loves and her fears

On sweet grass she sat

Musing this, voicing that

Calling on scents to honey her tears

The snake told her so

Think not of your woe

But laugh as the tide flips the fish

Was with small understandings

And feathered landings

She woke with thoughts of her wish

Then tickles her ear

A song she holds dear

As her mother sings wildly downstairs

Her father, he roars

But the girl, she ignores

And sings too, forgetting her cares

They sing to the birds

And distant herds

Praying their cries will reach the bull

The girl had not known

Such freedom shown

Worrying not if she looked the fool

Cautions once reckoned

Took rest for a second

Peace reaching moments lost in time

For the snake was right

As laughter set flight

And the girl smiled kindly, heart beating in rhyme.




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