Silent Symphonies


I am charged

Silent symphonies have done their work

At first I could not hear the call

From trees piercing clouds

And majestic birds, defying time

Creatures so small, vibrating expressions

Their might within intentions

And all this I missed

As brick walls absorbed my nonsensical chatter

Who’s to say I was not once the weed

Or the heather thriving on northern cliffs

And how I crave the river

The wild current, danger signs keeping curiosity at bay

But danger lives in repetition

Doing over and over, feeling safe

And I know so well, rules funding rules

And lost maps to completion

Empty promises decorate flat screens

And square disrubting the cycle

But now I am charged

As so clearly I hear the wind chimes

And tides that smooth the sand

Far from where I stand yet close to breath

Yes, silent symphonies have done their work

Flooded by nothing came everything

And spirits, no longer filtered by a whisper

Asking me to lighten, to willingly shed

Bare strength from this life to next

Hurry not as those places I’ve yet to travel

Are places I know so well, home.


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