My name is Emily Goldthorpe and I write, all the time. It helps me make sense of something or nothing – it’s my daily medicine that I just don’t seem to be able to live without, well I probably could but it wouldn’t feel as much fun.

Writing connects me to something bigger than the everyday, it’s brought me back to me, aiding my recovery from severe anxiety that was ruling my life and causing all decisions to be made in fear. I’ve also started writing a gratitude diary, this practice has been MAGIC and allowed me to remember the perfection and beauty that surrounds me, daily. My aim in life is to find more to love, inside out and out (even on the crappy, dark, rubbish days) and daily ‘Thank You’s’ has been the tonic to get me a place of appreciation.

From my heart to yours, thank you. For being here and… well… just being.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Good morning Emily! Thank you for joining me on my site. You’ll find a lot of good stuff and all kinds of things that may or may not serve you. I’m eclectic and therefore I write for all kinds of people. I also love, love writing and it soothes that neurotic side. I look forward to following you on your journey. I love your title.:)


    1. Hi Kate, it’s so great to connect! I was led to your page by Mrs Mother Dirt and after reading your post about finding time to write, I was hooked. I don’t have kids but I resonate with your attitudes and priorities. Writing is my passion and I pretty much share all that I write (apart from the book I’m working on) so I hope you enjoy :). I also look forward to following your journey, it’s great to be able to connect with like-minded people. Have a wonderful day.

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      1. Yay Emily! Aww, I’ve connected and bonded with some great talents here. Love your blog title by the way. Very clever and fun. Yes, I do a lot of homemaking and such but it is really for everyone, you just cancel out the kid part and take the advice. I have something for everyone and all issues!

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      2. That’s so great, it is such a wonderful platform to share talent. This blog got me writing again, I went through I dip in confidence and starting this blog ignited my fire again. So many talents are able to create and express themselves, it’s a real delight I think. I’m glad you like my blog title :), thank you. I love how you inject humour into your writing, it’s important I think, especially when matters can get a little intense (ie: politics). I look forward to reading more

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