So said the dog ‘oh human, I’d really like to know, where exactly is the spot that biscuits like to grow?’
‘You know the ones you give me, to settle me at night, I’d like to find them for myself and take a crunchy bite’

The human laughed ‘oh dog, they do not grow on trees, they’re made by hands of human kind and travel overseas. See the biscuits that you eat, aren’t natural like the grass, they’re made of stuff I cannot spell and stamped to show they pass. Passed as what, I’m not too sure, but still you like to chew, they seem to keep you able, to do as dogs can do’

The dog was not too sure of this, as what should he then eat, if missiles were to hit the earth and kill off all the meat? ‘If that should happen’ the human said ‘you’d die as well, I’m sure.’ So said the dog, ‘how sad is that’ and cried into his paw.

The human and the dog, they hugged until it hurt, but then the human had a thought she couldn’t wait to blurt. ‘You see, we could get blown so high we find another planet, where I could be a butterfly and you could be a rabbit. And then we’d eat whatever’s there, be yellow, red or blue. We’d nibble on fresh pastures green or make a rainbow stew. Let’s hope that if this world should end our souls will stay together. To roam around this universe, best pals we’ll be forever’

Opal Woman


Opal Woman

My mama bear

It’s because of you I believe

In magic

And realms unknown

Where fairy tales begin

And princes’ pout

But princess gotta love herself first

You taught me that

Opal Woman

My warrior guide

You calm even the spirits

Of those you once knew

Knowing now they could have treated you better

As they rest on your crown

To listen

And bathe in your majesty

Opal Woman

My rhapsody in blue

Each night

Angels borrow your soul

To soar

Like powdered gold and diamond splinters

Returning to the stars

And showing you off to the moon

Oh how Proud the moon is

To see wild truths

Come alive in you

Opal Woman

My deity

Its because of you I have faith

As in those brief moments

When I see me the way you see me

I light the world as brightly as you

And the way you love

Unconditional beyond words of explanation

Mother earth


A love like yours could heal a tribe

And you do

For the smiles you draw from passing strangers

Paint your existence

Opal Woman

My beautiful mother

You are home

And loved beyond the sun

My mother