Do Nothing


The comfort of stillness

Can break my knees and lock my spine

And I question the pain and effortless violence

So meticulously executed, even before my awareness

As waves like celebration flags

Ripple through dense tissue

And tickle forgotten dimples yearning to be seen

I notice because I am doing nothing

Stillness invites interpretation

Or the understanding of it

I am no longer roaming fields of angry daisies

Where curious fingers disturb the ants

I see transformations

How summer can brighten stained glass

So I close my eyes and do nothing

To see layer upon layer of translation

Where clear visions are decorated

With young numbers and early sentences

But the whole self is nothing I have learnt

It is the growth of a bitten nail

Or fever sweating out the swords

The whole self is happening without my interference

I see all this

As I close my eyes and do nothing.






Silent Symphonies


I am charged

Silent symphonies have done their work

At first I could not hear the call

From trees piercing clouds

And majestic birds, defying time

Creatures so small, vibrating expressions

Their might within intentions

And all this I missed

As brick walls absorbed my nonsensical chatter

Who’s to say I was not once the weed

Or the heather thriving on northern cliffs

And how I crave the river

The wild current, danger signs keeping curiosity at bay

But danger lives in repetition

Doing over and over, feeling safe

And I know so well, rules funding rules

And lost maps to completion

Empty promises decorate flat screens

And square disrubting the cycle

But now I am charged

As so clearly I hear the wind chimes

And tides that smooth the sand

Far from where I stand yet close to breath

Yes, silent symphonies have done their work

Flooded by nothing came everything

And spirits, no longer filtered by a whisper

Asking me to lighten, to willingly shed

Bare strength from this life to next

Hurry not as those places I’ve yet to travel

Are places I know so well, home.


As They Pulse


Amongst the midst of thinking

I stumble upon shallow water

Where fishes pray

Slowly planning their descent. One day

I walk on broken shell

And kick the sandy bed

Grain filled mist dances

Passing by my bloody toes

Red turns to pink. To nothing

I think to numb

But the salt, the salt eases the pain

Turtles bury themselves

Hiding from careless pace

So I stop

Forgetting where I came from

Inhaling the horizon

Exhaling the days I hated these hands

That sway in the sea

Ripples circle the whole of me

And my heart listens to the clams

As they pulse

And water rises

My hair flirts with the algae

Entwining under the setting sun

I wonder how I thought

How thinking goes. Gone

And my heart listens to the clams

As they pulse

And I pulse too