She sings to caged bones, lost within the mist of belonging.

She dances bare foot upon moistened earth, praying for understanding.

It never comes.

She bows to tradition, seeking ritual to carve truths. Surface wounds bleed, iron seeping into her receptive soul.

With open arms she calls for the owl at midnight hours.

Yet hours mock, the clock is no friend. Ideals from childhood still haunting present fascinations.

No owl spied. Only paper reflections are points of reference for her, landscape fantasies gracing daydreams.

Traffic echoes.

Mechanic limbs constricting her breath. Machine realities play vividly during meditations. Her world is one of construction, built by green-fingered desires.

Stung by tastes of metal and chemical pastes, smeared across her pastel complexion.

Her skin is worn from tired work. Decades never to resurrect.

Her hair knotted.

Her vision hovers below sun kissed horizons, counting steps to avoid straight lines in pavements.

Her nights are late. Conversations with electric devices partner imaginings of community. Muttering of others existence to be one full of wrongs.

Her life is lost.

Mystery cradles tearful days. The moon ignites primal blueprints and wants of change that never come about. She sits, palms connect to ancient chants, wrenching her from modern chains. Fearless commitment is more than she can fathom.

Yet commit she must, to save a soul not yet broken.

Stop Listening



I’m gonna stop listening

To this and that

To bull-shit chat

To no you don’t

For the lesser pays what the mighty won’t

I’ll cover my ears

As brooding fears

Stain bloody soils

And fuses boil

As secrets blurt

And saliva spurts

Upon the face

Of everyone


I’m gonna stop listening

To pulling strings

That money brings

Such happiness

Silence our say!

The price to pay

Nothing comes free


More death to fuel

The tool

That progress relies

And only denies

Our soul


I’m gonna stop listening

To everyone.


Yes, I AM


Don’t worry about me

I’m here

Taking up space

Collecting back pennies of worth

I once handed out, so freely

Don’t bother thinking about what I’m doing

I’m doing swell

I’m doing big in thinking and believing

I’m doing more than I thought possible

Me, I’m enough to make shit happen

Not waiting anymore

Trusting, completely

I’m doing better than fine, thank you very much

And I AM the centre

You can tell me otherwise but I won’t listen

I’m taking centre stage and embracing the vastness of possibility

Such power in my universe

And I’m only just beginning to use it.