Wake Up


I woke up this morning to the foulest of dreams

Where poison pollutes once vibrant streams

And war has begun, but not as we know

Much worse than the tanks and bullets we throw

Now breaking of dawn is forever broken

And words of final are faintly spoken

Hearts are rotting inside out

And hope is drenched with crippling doubt

Forests are dead, no jungle sounds

No celebrations painting towns

Hiding souls are shaking away

Our innate sense of dance and play

Numbness dissolves upon our palm

As frantic breath disruptes the calm

I wept this morning for what could be

If alone we stand and fail to see

That destruction has not once settled the score

And seizing beyond makes us crave even more

We have something rare, to look within

To soothe our battles before they begin

And ask such questions of how we forgot

To love all we have and not need a whole lot

So with swollen eyes this morning I pray

That love is the step we next take, everyday.