Arms raised

To coast the rippling beat

Hair a mess from the scorching heat

Sweat dripping like rain from the roses leaf

Drenched is the crevice of her porous reef

With bare feet

Her toes skim the ground

Fingers clenched to her Venus mound

A violent thrust punches her core

She coils

She arches

Releases her roar

Skin like golden fields



Enjoyed through the night into morning hours

Hands catching the fire

Branded with burns

Scars deeply set as she listens, she learns

A feral like creature

So skilfully wild

Taught from a knowing held dear since a child

She dances

Her smile salutes the moon

She dances

Hips sway unique to her tune


You came

I never asked for that

You came

I fought to keep me intact

I failed

You concurred

Bound to the stars

Bound between Venus and Pluto and Mars

The space in-between


Upon my open palm

Imprint your fingers on my arm

Indulge every part of me

Sink deeply, undiscovered

Under my skin

For where do I end and you begin?

If I blink, will you go?

I wonder why time often feels so slow

But not today

Don’t go